Russian Keyboard Compatible USB-to-PS/2 Adapter

Russian Keyboard USB to PS/2 Adapter
Product Description

Use a single USB to PS/2 Adapter to connect any Russian-English PS/2 keyboard to a USB port on your computer.

Guaranteed to work with all Russian-English Windows PS/2 keyboards we sell. Please note that not all USB-to-PS/2 adapters are fully compatible with the keyboards. We specially tested numerous adapters and found this adapter is fully compatible and guaranteed to work with all keyboards that we sell.

Product Specification

• Connector 1: USB Type A male
• Connector 2 and 3: mini-DIN6 (i.e. PS/2 style)
• Common Uses: Connect a PS/2 mouse or/and a keyboard to a USB Type A port
• Length: < 2"

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